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Psalm 62: Silently my soul is waiting

Silently my soul is waiting Looking only to the Lord; He, my rock and my salvation, Will not let my feet be moved. How long must I be confronted With the evil schemes of men? Cause them all to be defeated, Like a routed army, slain! From the height of their position They conspire to […]

Psalm 61: My heart’s dismayed

My heart’s dismayed when I survey the emptiness of man’s conceit, Who stumbles in the darkness and the madness of self-deceit; O God, attend my calling, consider this my cry, And lead me to the Rock higher than I! The enemy is subtle, many troubles every day my life surround, But in His holy presence […]

Psalm 60: O Father, we are defeated

O Father, we are defeated, Your hand has cast us down; The earth You made is trembling, Disquieted by Your frown. Your people, bruised and shaken, Beneath confusion drown. A banner to us You’ve given That all who fear Your Name From every tribe and nation Might proudly Your love proclaim: ‘Behold this world’s redemption […]

Psalm 59: Awake, behold O Lord of hosts

Awake, behold, O Lord of hosts, great God of Israel, Awake to punish nations that persistently rebel; Withdraw Your hand of mercy where iniquity prevails, Consume the one who righteousness and equity assails! Deliver us from enemies, rise up in our defence, Lay bare the motives of the ones who perpetrate pretence; Condemning me unjustly, […]

Psalm 58: The silent antics of the proud

The silent antics of the proud Betray their rebel mind; Their words and deeds declare aloud That they are deaf and blind. They weigh out everywhere they go The violence of their hand; From infancy they shun to know, Nor seek to understand, What God has willed or planned! Like crafty serpents so are they […]

Psalm 57: O living God, my Father

O living God, my Father, send your mercy down to me, Beneath the shadow of Your wings I find security; Upon Your sovereign goodness my soul is wholly cast Until these stormy days are past. To God whose habitation is above the world most high – Who orchestrates each circumstance of mine – to Him […]

Psalm 56: O God, be merciful to me

O God, be merciful to me, For angry men oppress my way; They undermine the things I do And contradict the things I say. When I’m afraid I trust in You; What can the wicked do to me? There is no fear within my heart When all around Your truth I see. My wandering days […]

Psalm 55: O God of truth give ear

O God of truth give ear For I am and weak and faint; Attend to me and hear The words of my complaint. My enemies with fuming voice Seek with great noise to trouble me. An angry grudge they bear And so my heart within Is overwhelmed with fear And anxious suffering. I’d fly within […]

Psalm 54: Save by Your Name, O God

Save by Your Name O God And rescue me from strife; Send me Your strength and hear my prayer Come vindicate my life. Give ear to these my words, For strangers to Your ways Have sought to undermine my work By darkening my days. Oppression is their goal In idleness they wait; Closed to redemption […]

Psalm 53: The fool is blind

The fool is blind to cool design in all the things he sees – The flowers in the garden and the birds high in the trees; His heart, mind and tongue all belie sin’s deep disease. From high up in the sky the Lord each citizen surveys To see if there is just one man […]