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Psalm 89: Let us publish in song for our children

Let us publish in song for our children to come That the Lord, our Redeemer, is kind; For the sake of His throne let us sing and make known That His mercy can salvage the blind! Let all heaven declare with true saints everywhere That the Lord David’s Offspring did bless, So throughout this domain […]

Psalm 88: O God of my salvation

O God of my salvation, I cry out to You each day, My life is full of trouble; can’t You hear these words I pray? Like those condemned to spend eternity within Sheol, My life’s cut off before Your hand and silence greets my call. Deep darkness and forebodings terrorise me in the night; Your […]

Psalm 87: His foundation is in the holy place

His foundation is in the holy place Of Mount Zion’s wondrous heights. Jacob’s dwellings are not to be compared With those precious city gates. Glorious things are prophesied of you, Some day, shortly, they will all come true: Babylon and Philistia too Will be changed and born again! Every tribe and tongue will together come […]

Psalm 86: Bow down Your ear, O Lord

Bow down Your ear, O Lord, Attend to this my cry, Your mercy is my soul’s relief When sorrowful I sigh; My refuge is the mighty hand Of Him who reigns on high. Rejoice your servant’s soul, Great God of all the meek, All other gods are empty dreams Which neither think nor speak; Your […]

Psalm 85: This land we call our home

This land we call our own Has in times past Your favour known, When, from captivity, You called us home. Restore to us, we pray, The blessings of those former days And indignation turn From us away. Will You prolong Your fierce rebuke? Revive Your people Lord again. Show to this generation mercy; Make us […]

Psalm 84: How delightful is Your dwelling

How delightful is Your dwelling Gracious Lord of hosts; See my fainting and my longing For Your temple courts; Both my heart and flesh are weeping, Seeking for the living God! In its walls there is a sparrow Seeking out a home, Deep within a shady hollow Where she lays her young, Right beside a […]

Psalm 83: O God, be not still and so silent

O God, be not still and so silent While the heads of Your enemies stir; With both craft and conceit they conspire to defeat Precious saints of Your own heart’s desire. Saying, “come, let us wipe out this nation. Let us Israel’s name disregard.” Who together agree, in the things that they see That the […]

Psalm 82: Within the congregation of His mighty saints

Within the congregation of His mighty saints The Judge of every idol stands While lifeless deities of heathen nations faint For He their influence transcends. All wicked counsellors shall soon be overthrown When Christ arises to defend The needy and the fatherless, who’ve never known The face of justice or a friend. Behold the earth […]

Psalm 81: Sing, O people of Jacob

Sing, O people of Jacob, Sing for New Moon at dawn; Raise your banners and timbrels, Sound your trumpet and horn. We who languished in Egypt, Marked out by Abraham’s name, This testimony shall evermore proclaim! Strangers bearing great burdens Cried to God in despair; He with peals of loud thunder, Sought and rescued them […]

Psalm 80: Give ear noble Shepherd

Give ear noble Shepherd of Israel’s children, Illumine the earth by the flame of Your throne; Arouse holy strength so the flocks I hear bleating Are led by Your light on their pilgrimage home. How long must these covenant prayers for our nation Be greeted with judgement and anger on high? O let not the […]