Stained-glass windows

Ruth’s Resolution (Ch 1:16-17)

Do not press me, O my friend,Do not try to change my mind,Where you walk I’ll follow steadfast in my stride;To the left or to the right,I will keep you in my sight,Where you lodge every day I will reside. Your people will be my people!Your God will be my God! When you breathe your […]

Fear the Lord in Sincerity & Truth

(Josh 24:14-15;21-24; Jn 10:16; Eph 1:3; 2Cor 5:20; Matt 13:33; Hab 2:14) Fear the Lord; in sincerity and truth go serve HimCast those gods aside your fathers used to spurn HimAnd if it evil seems to bow down and esteemThe One who purchased for the world redemptionFor all my house this day there is no […]

Song of Moses & Miriam (Exodus 15 & 16)

Sing to the Lord, sing stronger and louderFor He has triumphed gloriously!Chariot and soldier; horse and its riderHe with fierce anger cast in the sea! God is my strength and my song, He’s become my salvationHe is my God, I will praise and exalt Him always;He’s a man of war wielding His sword subduing all […]

That Fig Tree (Matt 21:18-22)

Heading to a city,Jesus once was hungry,So He turned aside;Finding on a fig treeNothing for His journeyJesus, in His stride,Cursed it for its lack of fruit,“Evermore in branch and rootThis fig tree will be barren!” Whereupon that fig treeCame that instant to beWithered through and through;Noting its destructionJesus this conclusionFor His brethren drew:Though your faith […]

If The People of My Name (2Chronicles 7v14)

I wrote this short ‘chorus’ recently after joining with several other fellow saints for a conference on ‘Rebuilding the Ruins’ of our Christian heritage. Nearly a hundred Christians over the past few months have joined our ‘Christian Antilockdown’ Telegram Group – Hope, Truth & Light. We are believers from all over the UK who are […]

As the Water Covers the Sea (Hab 2:14)

Do you think that Jesus merely came to save your soul?Do you think He had in mind a part but not the whole?Do you think throughout creationJust a few from every nationConstitute the consummation of His goal?Do you think that Jesus came to save your Sunday praise?Do you not suppose He would redeem our works […]

God’s Great Plan for the Nations

Tune = Somewhere over the Rainbow God’s great plan for the nations Near and far Is to render their kingdoms Under the Saviour’s care. Jesus’ hand is subduing Great and small; Earthly plans and all rulers Under His sway shall fall. One day we’ll look and see no more The crooked and deceitful Whore of […]

Jerusalem (Rev 21)

Jerusalem, sweet destination Beautified with heaven’s glory; We meditate upon your story – Away! We’re bound away Where the dusk is bright as day. Jerusalem, this earthly journey – For your gates our souls are yearning, All hearts and minds anticipating The Lamb upon His throne, Praised by every tribe and tongue. Jerusalem, your healing […]


Sanctimono, when will you come to your senses? Stop sitting on fences, appeasing the crowd; You are a scoundrel in mortal peril of treason Believing your reasoning Heaven’s court will allow. Do your eyes not yearn for the sunrise, Your soul not thirst for the paradise God is making by His shakin’ of this world? […]

We Don’t Live by Bread Alone! – Deuteronomy 8 vs 3

We don’t live and move and breathe by bread alone, Every thought and all activity is sacred! We are obstinately blind with hearts of stone Resolute, pursuing ways unconsecrated? Every creature, every cloud displays the glory of the Lord Everywhere God’s secret wisdom can be found There are symphonies of holy sound most ears have […]