Psalter manuscript

Psalm 106: O Lord, our Father


O Lord our Father, as we contemplate our ways,
Can our lips declare the fulness of Your praise?
For Your favour to Your chosen nation,
May this great salvation move our children
To rejoice in endless days,
To rejoice in endless days!

With all our fathers we have loved iniquity,
We have closed our eyes and feigned humility;
Rebel patriarchs in Egypt pondered
Mighty works and wondered, as You thundered,
Whether they would be set free,
Whether they would be set free.

And yet, in mercy that His power this world might know,
God overturned the sea, suspending suddenly its raging flow.
Overwhelming those pursuing,
They embraced His word believing,
Yet forgot their leaving
Meant that they elsewhere were called to go.

Throughout their journey God sent leanness to their soul
Till the worship of their hearts was drawn by gold
When as pilgrims they surveyed the land
They turned from God’s commandment and abandoned
What through Moses they’d been told
What through Moses they’d been told

As heedless children they provoked the Lord again,
Filled with bitterness and envy they complained;
Foolish sacrifices they devised
And in their minds despised what God had spoken,
So by heathen ways were tamed,
So by heathen ways were tamed!

In solemn danger, ‘neath the anger of the Lord,
Those saints became accursed and by His holy countenance abhorred;
Persecution and oppression
Wrought at last a true confession
Which, with holy passion,
Rose to stir their God who saw and heard.

Who then remembered and had formerly declared,
He Himself would be their shelter and reward;
In all nations, what was lost in Eden
Would at last awaken, filled with heaven,
In accordance with His word,
In accordance with His word!

Steve Layfield

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