Psalter manuscript

John 2:1-10 > Wedding Feast at Cana


Galilee was bustling with feasting for a wedding
Jesus’ friends and family together made the journey
Others drawn from far away and near
Were gladly celebrating there
Great jubilation all felt keenly
The room was filled with joy
Their convocation passed serenely

Somewhere in that moment from nowhere loomed a crisis
Making one and all there suddenly feel nervous
So Mary ran to Jesus’ side –
Did He his mother gently chide? –
These are the words that Jesus told her:
‘This isn’t My concern;
Draw up fresh water from the well-spring
Fill up this empty urn’.

Then, like sunshine after rain,
The servants at that feast discerned
The drink within that urn they’d filled
Right then had strangely changed!
Presenting to their master they
Rejoiced indeed to hear Him say,
“Why have you kept till now your noblest wine?”

Summer 2023

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