Psalter manuscript

False Prophets in the Churches (Ezekiel 13)


(Tune – Sunny: jazz standard)

Many are prophesying lies and serving Satan
Funny, they foolishly insist, ‘nothing is certain!’
Who with wily deceit camouflage their conceit
They peddle praise and pretentious learning
Failing to repair all that’s broken!

Many preach recklessly with proud imagination
Madly, they speculate from idle divination
For their faulty decrees they are destined to be
Cut off from Christ and eternal blessing
Losing evermore their salvation!

Badly the pushers of ‘autonomous salvation’
Wrongly commend the rebel mind and its opinion
Making fellows their friend they defiance defend
Proclaiming peace by a partial healing
Sealing their own doom and destruction!

Women who plunder every passing fool and stranger
Summon through magical inventions mortal danger;
Every charm they have hailed shall be swiftly unveiled
All sin and vice will be laid wide open –
(So) broken-hearted saints shall be stronger!

Steve Layfield – summer 2012

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