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Isaiah 31 – Egyptian & Assyrian Tyranny


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There’s an evil I find lurking in my mind
Touching everything that I do;
I judge and criticize, I reflect and surmise
Thinking that my judgements are true!
Mostly we’re raised from the cradle to the grave
Indifferent to secular creed:
Through seasons at school God’s religion and rule
Are silenced by idols of greed;
My father’s sole law was ‘oppose every war’
Such naivety awakened my soul;
Egyptian tyranny is not the way it should be
Scripture must ennoble your goal!

As a lioness roars when she captures her prey
There’s a fragrance in the air of Jubilee Day
Unafraid of those things that mere multitudes say
The Lord of hosts will very soon descend –
And deliver us in the end!

There’s a promise of woe to pilgrims who go
Down to Egypt seduced by its might;
Sycophants of the state, trusting fortune and fate
They relinquish obligations to fight;
Divided in their mind they are wilfully blind
Diluting holy truth when they speak;
Disdaining God’s cure, unaware we’re at war,
Their demeanour is pretentiously meek!
Their strength and their prime in the fullness of time
Will vanish as swiftly as it came;
Every fool they have fed will despise them for their bread
Forgetting and dishonouring their name;

In spite of such sin if they turn back to Him
Assyria will flee from the Lord
God’s weapon of war is theonomic Law
Not the swiftness of any man’s sword!
The strongest infidel who had sought to raise hell
Will flee to God’s stronghold for fear,
Foreign princes likewise, when they see with their eyes
Holy banners, will remorseful draw near!
When fire from on high illuminates the sky
Jerusalem’s the place it will start
If in Zion you retreat from the fierceness of its heat
Think again! Man, don’t harden your heart!

Steve Layfield – July 2013 ©

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