Psalter manuscript

Catechism Song #24 – Saints’ Qualifications


# Question Answer
55 Who will be saved? Only those who repent of sin, believe in Christ, and lead holy lives.
56 What is it to repent? To be sorry for sin, and to hate and forsake it because it is displeasing to God.
57 What is it to believe or have faith in Christ? To trust in Christ alone for salvation.


Who will be
For eternity
Saved from sin’s
Hellish tyranny?
Who will receive
Pardon from on high?
Only those whose true intent’s
To heartily repent,
To hate and to forsake
The vestiges of sin that in him remain!

How shall I
With a single eye
Trust in Christ’s
Saving sacrifice?
Turning aside
From all sinful pride
While endeavouring to live
And ever more to give
My strength of life to Him
Subduing by His pow’r every secret sin.

Steve Layfield

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