Psalter manuscript

Psalm 64: The work of God advances


The work of God advances – everywhere His providence my eye perceives;
Secure within His Hands, I’ve come to understand what rebel man believes.
Look out! For they are hiding, never forthright nor abiding in His word;
Those workers of iniquity shun clarity and cannot be deterred;
Their tongues are sharpened implements of war,
Whose target aim is theonomic Law!

The venom of their hate they consecrate beneath a cloak of decency;
Their bitter words are blows they parcel up with fancy bows deceitfully.
With pride and ostentation they imagine they’re the bastions of ‘truth’;
Conceited or too dense they shun all counter-evidence and Scripture proofs;
Their secret motivations are a deep
Which lull their troubled consciences to sleep!

But God shall overthrow them with an arrow from His quiver any day;
When suddenly they’ll find that they’ve been blind and will have nothing more to say.
And all the world will see them turn away and flee confounded with great fear,
While others shall declare the reign of Jesus everywhere is drawing near;
The patience of true saints He will reward
With gladness in the presence of the Lord!

Steve Layfield

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