Quill and writing

A Humble Plea to the Sleeping Bride

I recently discovered this piece which I wrote 5 years ago (or so). I find myself reading through Numbers, Deuteronomy & Joshua again as the year 2021 runs its course. Again my thoughts are governed by this framework which I’ve had in place in my thinking now for years. I’d like to supplement my comments in future Blog posts with reflections first from the Book of Deuteronomy and later from the Book of Joshua. These will hopefully further flesh out & illustrate the potency of my general paradigm.

We find ourselves today living in an unprecedented time of COVID-19; Government lockdowns & a widespread abandonment of traditional Sunday church activity. Could it be that God has orchestrated all of this? Yes of course! He IS sovereign and ordains all that comes to pass. Alas, the great majority of Christians I know have been bewitched by the mainstream narrative and believe that our Government leaders, Big Tech and Big Pharma have exercised great virtue in all that they have done by way of response. Along with countless others, I am one who dares to question the MSM narrative. I applaud independent news agencies such as UK Column for their robust critique of the misinformation we are routinely propagandised with.

Anyhow, enough said. Here’s the article. I commend it to you for close & careful scrutiny. Let me know how you get on!