Psalter manuscript

Psalm 115: Not unto us be glory


Not unto us be glory
But to Your name O Lord,
For wondrous truth and mercy
Confront us in Your word.

Why should the gentiles mock and say
“Their god is quite absurd”?
God in His habitation
Is calmly undeterred.

Their precious crafted idols
Have mouths but cannot talk,
Fine sculptured legs and bodies
Yet cannot move or walk.

Those who with rebel foolish hearts
Devised their lifeless form,
As dead and empty phantoms,
Will like them soon become.

O trust the Lord completely
You saints of Israel;
Make Him your shield and helper
Thus close beside Him dwell.

He mindful is of His own house,
His blessing is for all –
Especially those who tremble
Before Him great and small.

May He who made the heavens
Establish and increase
His blessing on our children
With righteousness and peace.

The earth is our inheritance;
The dead shall silent be
When, blessing God our Maker,
We’re raised eternally.

Steve Layfield

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