Quill and writing

Song for Josiah, Sam, Ben and Caleb

May God bless and keep you
And make, while you sleep too,
The light of His glorious, beautiful face
Subdue you with kindness
And weaken your blindness
Till, filled with His peace, you rejoice in His grace

There are those you will meet, who with countenance sweet
Will entice you to stumble and stray
Lest you suffer and fall, pay no heed to their call
Turning swiftly your footsteps away;
Rather seek out and find precious truth for your mind
More than treasures of silver and gold
For its virtue you’ll see will, through eternity,
Richly furnish your body and soul

So rise up now and fight, as a soldier of light
For the kingdom of Jesus your Prince
Learn to brandish the sword of His razor-sharp word
While rehearsing with prayer your defence
Thus each day as you serve, holding steady your nerve
God will sanctify all that you do
Every word that you speak for the deaf, dumb and weak
Will be mighty, compelling and true

Steve Layfield – APRIL 2010

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Three (or four?) naughty boys!