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Luke 1:46-55 > The Song of Mary (Magnificat)


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Tune = O Waly Waly (trad’)

My soul exalts the Lord on high
For He my heart contrite has seen,
Henceforth in each discerning eye
My lowly life will be esteemed.

The Lord in whom I now rejoice
Has mighty deeds conferred on me,
Thus for His cause my trembling voice
Will furnish songs of liberty.

All who His Name hallow and fear
Will richly grace and mercy see,
Glorious strength will soothe and cheer
The throng of their posterity.

The godless proud, whose mighty throne
Invincibly He overturned,
Will finally be overcome
When love and truth are humbly learned.

Then hungry mouths will no more faint
Nor shall in wealth we rest secure,
Ancient decrees sworn unto to saints
Will stand fulfilled forever more.

Steve Layfield – (December 2013)

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