Psalter manuscript

Psalm 35: Who is like the Lord?


‘Who is like the Lord?’ Let all His noble saints be heard;
For soon the poor He’ll sanctify and set at liberty.
Then we who in Christ abide, with hearts fulfilled and satisfied,
Will hear God’s name be magnified in praise triumphantly!

Strive, O Lord, with those who strive with me;
Punish the oppressor who promotes iniquity.
Rise up with Your buckler, shield and spear;
Be my soul’s salvation when my enemy draws near.

To dishonour and confusion bring
Those who contemplate my hurt, then drive them in the wind
As chaff before the angel of the Lord,
For they without a cause have sought to snare me like a bird.

Witnesses unprincipled arise,
Overturning all they see, imagining they’re wise;
Close friend and acquaintance they betray,
Feigning love and innocence in everything they say.

How long must I patiently endure?
How long will mischievous ones distort Your truth and sneer?
Bold as brass they mockingly disdain
Those who keep Your covenant and glory in Your name.

Let them in confusion be ashamed;
Let the world dishonour those who seek Your saints to blame.
We who love Your precepts vindicate;
Give us daily songs to sing Your justice that relate.

Steve Layfield

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