Psalter manuscript

Psalm 143: O Lord, my supplications hear


O Lord, my supplications hear and answer please;
I spread before You this petition on my knees.
Don’t overwhelm me when Your roar
For no one in this world is pure.

The foe me persecutes with cunning words and lies;
I know his sabotage and darkness fouls my eyes.
My spirit, longing to be dressed,
Is overwhelmed with great distress.

I find delight of soul when musing on Your ways;
My mind You’ve filled with truth revealed in former days.
I welcome You with open hands
As rain upon the desert sands.

Let peace and joy be mine each day when I arise;
Disclose what I must do; Lord, teach me to be wise.
Don’t turn away Your face from me;
Address my pleading speedily.

O Lord, deliver me from all my enemies;
Your word has been my haven shelter from the breeze.
Instruct me in Your noble ways –
That I might ever sing Your praise.

Uphold my spirit, Lord, and glorify Your name;
Control and constitute my heart with truth again.
Dispense to those who wrath deserve
Your judgment till we all Christ serve.

Steve Layfield

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