Psalter manuscript

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Rev 6:1-8)


(Tune = Streets of London)

Would you learn what God would teach you
Solemnly through seals in fracture?
Hark sublime, seraphic creatures
Calling, ‘Come and see!’
Summoned with a peal of thunder
Let your eyes behold this wonder:
Mighty stallion white in splendour
Robed in majesty!

Conquering Rider bend Your bow
All tribes and tongues belong to You
Let the princes of the nations
Render holy subjugation
Honouring Your precepts
In everything they do!

After that behold another
Horse and rider like none other
Red and fiery spreading bother
All across the earth;
Enmity does he engender
Nought for peace will he surrender
Family strife is his agenda
Pain like childbirth!

Lo, behold a blackened third one
Driving economic mayhem
Bearing scales of dreadful judgement
Marked by subtlety;
Darkening all our tomorrows
Satan’s servants are these fellows
Lurking under evening shadows
Where no eye can see!

Pale and ruthless in the vision
Rode a fourth horse in procession
Death and Hell constrain his mission
Over land and sea;
Preaching heresies prolific
Lying wonders scientific
Baptised by the pietistic
Most notoriously!

Steve Layfield – Tunisia 2012

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