Psalter manuscript

To the Church in Smyrna (Revelation 2b)


Thus says the First and Last the Son of Man who died and from the grave arose
Who sees your tribulations and your poverty and circumstances knows;
‘Behold you are more rich than any man who ever lived whate’r his worth
Be faithful unto death and with the crown of life you’ll beautify the earth;
Expose the shallow infidels who name
The love of Christ while ruining His claim!’

Their wicked blasphemies decree neutrality in most of what we see
Refusing holy truth their rebel intellects condone autonomy
A synagogue of Satan they are certainly the bastions of truth
Appealing to our pride they cannot hide the restless impulses of youth
Who shackle us where we must count to ten
Ensnared beneath the cruel laws of men!

Let all who have an ear hear what the Scriptures plainly challenge us to see
Elected and redeemed the Church throughout the world must build Theocracy
The mighty pow’r of Christ will surely energise her every twist and turn
The promise of His word assures us she at last will surely overcome
No second death can touch her by and by
When she descends with angels from the sky!

Steve Layfield – Tunisia 2012

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