Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 4 > See the Fire & Fury Falling


See the fire & fury falling
Blow the trumpet in the land;
All around fallow is the ground
Scorched beneath God’s heavy hand.

Mighty cities shall be taken,
Futile will be their defense;
Sorrow deep inducing men to weep
Shall afflict each citizen.

Like the storm clouds seen arising
Swift God’s chariots on high;
Their fiery breath – a sentinel of death –
Not one creature shall defy.

Very foolish are My people
Full of infantile pretense;
Blind their eyes, in evil they are wise
Lacking penitential sense!

Woe to us, for we are plundered
Cleanse your hearts Jerusalem;
Lawless ways have typified your days
Hollow is your victory song.

How her citadel is burning;
Having compromised God’s word,
“Woe am I,” will be her stricken cry,
Sleeping, never to be stirred.

If you’d turn to Me My people,
Heed My voice and be reproved
Though the land be bruised beneath My hand
You will never be removed!

Cry in unison together,
Raise the standard on your ground;
Don’t delay, steal yourself away
Zion’s hill is where we’re bound.

Speak with joy to one another,
“God is surely on His throne;”
Far and wide every family and tribe
Shall extol His Name in song!


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