Psalter manuscript

Psalm 70: Make haste, O God, make haste


Make haste, O God, make haste, come down, sustain and strengthen me,
Make haste, for voices in Your church restrict Christ’s victory;
Let them be filled with shame,
Who carelessly proclaim
That Scripture truth is not the ground of Maths or History.

Let they who criticise my life and court with compromise,
Who substitute the truth of God’s own word with rebel lies,
Be made to think again,
Then openly disdained,
For prizing their approval in all non-believers’ eyes.

Let all who love and seek the truth and glory in their Lord
Rejoice, believing that their God Himself is their reward;
Who daily reaffirm,
With sanctified concern,
That every thought and deed must needs be founded on God’s word.

Steve Layfield

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