Psalter manuscript

Psalm 71: In You, O Lord, I put my trust


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In You, O Lord, I put my trust, deliver me from shame,
According to Your righteousness my feeble heart sustain;
You are my rock and fortress in every troubled hour,
Uphold me so continuously that all perceive Your power.

The wicked prowl before my path, the cruel stand behind,
But God has been my heart’s defence – a compass to my mind;
From infancy His kindness and grace have hemmed me in,
Now overwhelmed with thankfulness I’ll lift my voice and sing.

The voices of my enemies I hear at every turn
Bewildered, they all say of me, ‘When will that scoundrel learn?’
Consulting one another, they scheme to smite my face;
Confound and undermine them Lord, then fill them with disgrace.

Each day my mouth will glory in my God and all His ways,
I’ll teach this rebel world to sing and render Him true praise;
My soul is safe abiding midst the treasures of His truth
In which empowered I’ve humbly learnt to walk since days of youth.

Assist, O God, this aged saint to speak out and declare
The wonders of Your providence around me everywhere;
Though I have known great troubles I’ll surely overcome
At last renewed and comforted in Your beloved Son.

With harp and lute I’ll serenade and worship as I sing
New canticles of gratitude to Jesus Christ my King;
I’ll work for His dominion throughout my pilgrim days,
And take unspeakable delight when telling of His ways.

Steve Layfield

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