Psalter manuscript

Psalm 108: I will awaken the dawn


I will awaken the dawn,
I will awaken my heart to sing,
Early each morning I’ll raise my voice
In an anthem for my King;
Soon all the nations together
In harmony shall be heard
Praising the mercy of Jesus Christ
And the greatness of His word.

Save Your Beloved, O Lord,
Save with Your right hand our helpless soul
Lift up Your glory above the earth
Till Your Name is loved by all.
Soon every tribe under heaven
Shall to Jehovah belong:
Judah, Manasseh and Edom too
Will repent of all that’s wrong.

Who will arise in the streets?
Who will establish a stronghold?
God, who withdrew from His ancient church
Will His noblest saints make bold.
Rescue Your people from trouble,
Human assistance is vain;
We with the sword of Your truth will fight
Till all tongues Your rule proclaim.

Steve Layfield

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