Psalter manuscript

Psalm 135: Let servant-hearted saints


Let servant-hearted saints,
With heart and mind and soul,
Stand upright as a mighty throng
And praise the Lord of all;
For He alone is good
And pleasant is His name;
We, by His sovereign choice, the seed
Of Abraham became.

The idols of men’s hearts
Which inwardly they trust
Are phantom demons of the mind,
More worthless than the dust.
The Lord by contrast reigns
Supreme in every place;
In skies and oceans we behold
His hand of sovereign grace.

Recall with me His deeds
Of judgment in the past,
So learn within your lowly heart
To fear His icy blast;
The fame of Jesus Christ
Must spread from shore to shore,
His name and kingdom shall increase
And evermore endure.

Awaken you who sleep,
Behold your foolish way;
The godless citadels you’ve built
Unruliness betray;
Let all the tribes of earth,
In unison now sing
A canticle of holy praise
To our redeemer King.

Steve Layfield

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