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Dr Francis Nigel Lee

Dr Lee

More than any other Christian man, this man has influenced my own outlook on life & theological convictions.  He was a truly great man!  I was privileged to have several e-mail exchanges with him prior to his departure to be with the Lord about 15 months ago.  Dr Lee was born in Cumbria – England but spent significant periods of his life in three different continents: South Africa, North America and finally in Australia.  Throughout the course of his life he preached and taught with a well developed Biblical world and life view.  Reformed theology was the bedrock of his thinking but he never achieved notoriety nor greatness in the eyes of the modern ‘reformed church movement’ because all too often he perceived the general condition of that church as derelict in its pietism.  He was a very well read scholar who earned several academic degrees and doctorates.  He spoke several languages and was conversant with the biblical languages.  He was a spiritually minded polymath who aspired for himself and all Christians to comprehend the totality of life in the light of Scripture and the purposes of God.

Do you want a rigorous Christian education?  Are you hungry to find out just how rich and fulfilling the Scriptures of God really are?  Have you been short-changed by the preaching from your pulpit?  Has your ‘evangelism’ been diluted to mere personal Salvationism – the rescue of one or two souls here and there from a sinking ship?  Do you want to move on from baby milk to the meat of God’s truth and discover how all things in life & human experience properly cohere in Christ? Do you wish to know how history will end? Are you interested in international relations and how Christ is even now ‘subduing the nations for Himself?’  Let Dr Francis Nigel Lee be your teacher – for free!  Hundreds (I exaggerate not!) of his lectures and sermons are freely available here at Sermonaudio.com.  They are helpfully laid out though, given the vastness of their scope, it’s not always easy to locate the one you’re looking for.  There’s a need for someone to build a dedicated web-site to enable greater ease of access to all of his materials.  Beyond his spoken ministry, Dr Lee wrote volumes covering a wide number of theologically related subjects.  His written works – though not at all comprehensive! – are likewise FREELY available here.  “Ho everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat.  Yes, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price” (Isaiah 55:1)

Listen to this message as a great sample of his preaching ministry!

Steve Layfield