Psalter manuscript

Song for the Father – Lord’s Prayer (Matt 6:8-13)


Father though we cannot see Your throne and its sublimity
We are content that You should be the Guardian of our days.
Please overlook our foolish shame which we display when we disdain
The honour of Your holy Name in very many ways!

And may the kingdom of Your Son
Throughout this world with vigour come,
Dispelling rebel unbelief
Reversing Eden’s pain and grief.

Teach us how to walk aright with Your commandments our delight
As candles burning in the night – bold watchmen undeterred;
And may the leaders of our land be subject to those same commands
Which You delivered by the hands of Moses in Your word.

Then all the world and everyone
With holy joy will kiss the Son
And like the angels up above
Will live at peace within His love.

The food and drink and clothes we buy with other things that You supply
We take for granted then deny Your kindness every day.
Forgive us Lord for this and more, as we forgive the ones who war
Against us the precepts of Your Law so tempting us to stray.

Soon evil shall at last give way
To God’s triumphant holy Day;
Then glory, power and joy untold
Will never tarnish or grow old!

Steve Layfield

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