Psalter manuscript

Song of Moses – Deuteronomy 32


Tune – Alone Again, Naturally (O’Sullivan)

May the words I gravely say
Before heaven and earth today
Be as morning dew on the grass to you
Sounding caution to your way;
For God’s own holy Name
Which to you I now proclaim
Is so high and great we should celebrate
Its perfection and its justice –
Making us to know
That His work, so full of goodness,
Performed each day before our eyes
In a world so full of sadness
Reminds us all again
That we must each remain
Within His care, consciously.

Remember days of old,
Ask the elders, you’ll be told,
That the Lord on High, with His searching eye,
The nations did control;
Appointing Jacob’s place
‘Neath the gaze of His own face
Led him through the wild as His only child
As a light within the darkness
Making him partake,
In his stubbornness & blindness,
Of oil and honey from the rocks
And endless token kindness –
Fruitful flocks & vines,
The choicest wheat and wines –
From His store, bounteously.

And yet Jeshurun as he grew
Lost sight of what he younger knew –
(He) depended on gods invented.
And so we do! And so we do!

So with silver, wood and stone;
They usurped Jehovah’s throne
Falling down before, on the barren floor,
Foreign gods they hadn’t known;
And spurning heaven’s grace
They provoked the Father’s face
Showing in their minds they were wholly blind –
Taken in by Hell’s seduction –
Causing them to face
God in judgement and destruction:
Brute terror from a cruel sword
In ruthless devastation;
Till upon their bended knees
They for mercy raised their pleas
To God above, helplessly!

Steve Layfield

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