Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 17 – An Iron Pointed Pen


An iron pointed pen
Will etch God’s judgement cry;
Our children will remember then
The fires we burned on high.
The mountain of Jerusalem
Within Earth’s waiting field
Will forfeit heaven’s heritage
And to it treasures yield!

That man who trusts in man
Will bear God’s solemn curse
Just like a desert shrub he shall
Be paralyzed with thirst;
Unlike the humble pilgrim saint
Untouched by any drought,
Deep-rooted he will never faint
With fruitful boughs throughout.

The heart of every man
Is liable to sin,
Great wickedness and deep deceit
Lurk silently within;
The Lord unseen alone perceives
The musings of our minds,
And so we each from Him receive
A settlement in kind.

A high and lofty throne
Is where I take my rest,
The plight of every pilgrim saint
Is with God’s favour blessed;
But those who know His holy Law
Yet from it turn away
Will shame and consternation know
Together with dismay

Why do they turn aside
Within the city square
From honouring My Sabbath Law
Without a thought or care?
If they would truly hallow Me
In open public ways
A host of earthly kings would come
With holy gifts of praise.

AMDG – December 2017

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