Stained-glass windows

The Parable of the Sower (Matt 13)

Sometimes what we read we hearNot comprehending what God’s sayingSometimes, when the truth is clear,You don’t want to hear it rightFor darkness disdains the light Sometimes in the field good seedFalls under footprints on the waysideThere the hungry ravens feedUnder the mid-day sunSoon all the seed is gone ChorusHave you imbibed God’s holy Word?Is its […]

Cosmic War (Revelation 12 – 14)

See the cosmic warfare ragingFor the souls of everyone:Throughout mankind, the pulse of every mindExtolls the dragon or the Son. In the wilderness mere mannaTruth and righteousness sustain;There abides the loveliest of BridesAnticipating Jesus’ reign. From the foulest water-fountainUndiscerning masses drink;Let earth below absorb its septic flow;So dry bones wisely learn to think. Help us […]

The Beatitudes > Matthew 5:3-10

Blessed are the poor in spirit For heaven shall be theirs; Such noble ones, as regal sons Of heaven, resurrection, And God’s kingdom, are true heirs! Blessed are the broken hearted Who see injustice done. Before too long, a tranquil song Will comfort all their grieving; Every tear cried shall be gone! Blessed are the […]

Matthew 5: 17-19 > A Plea for Theonomy

God has said That as His creatures we must live obediently To all His Law And nothing more Attending to each tiny stroke consistently Don’t you know? Right and wrong To every man has been revealed with certainty Our actions show Deep down we know That we are wired for truthfulness accountably Yes indeed! Let […]

1 Corinthians 13 > Love’s Preeminence

If I speak the language of angels up above, Can fathom every mystery and prophecy, But do so with an absence of graciousness or love I nothing am and nothing gain Though all the world think differently About me And what I’ve done, I’m just a noisy gong! Love is kind and patient and selfless […]

John 15:1-15 > Branches in the True Vine

I am the vine So to cultivate wine Grow in me and patiently wait Fruitless old branches My hand shall remove While pruning the fruitful in love! If you abide In my word I’ll provide All you ask from My bounty on high; Held by My hand If you keep My commands The Father will […]

John 14: 1-18 > Holy Spirit Renovation and Renewal

“Do not let your hearts be fearful Trust in God on high In My Father’s house are many mansions”; Truthfully Christ testified, For He could never lie, Wherefore we who seek a place, He sanctions. Surely evermore, secure beneath His wing We who hope, He will bring! Press on to the Father through The One who is […]

John 3:1-12 > Nicodemus

“Señor, Señor We perceive that you’re from heaven For these mighty deeds you’re doing No man on earth has done before! Can you tell us what they signify Señor?” Señor, Señor What I say to you is certain Not a soul will see God’s heaven Till by the Spirit he’s reborn; Mark My counsel and My […]

Ephesians 6:1-3 > God’s Wisdom for Children

If Mum or Dad Confront you when you’re bad Don’t think they’re gruff or just in a huff; The Lord above Has said at times true love is to be tough; The rod they wield Will teach your stony heart to wholly yield To the Law of God! In due time you’ll see That they […]

Ephesians 4:4-16 > Harmony in Christ

Does the grace of God abide inside your soul Are you how you ought to be? Do you yearn for harmony throughout the whole Of His family? There is just one holy creed For we believe one God on high; His calling is to unity By the power of the Spirit He supplies. We are […]